Sian McCann of the Wild Fuschia Bakehouse has secured a place for her Irish bread mixes in Aldi stores nationwide.

Sian is delighted to be participating in the ‘Grow with Aldi’ programme for 2022. From Thursday, Aldi shoppers will be able to pick up a bread mix to make at home.

“It is the perfect opportunity to share our passion for baking by showcasing our artisan Irish bread mixes throughout the Aldi network of 150 stores in Ireland,” she said.

Wild Fuschia Bakehouse, located in Dunfanaghy, County Donegal, opened its doors in 2017.  The brainchild of Sian McCann, the bakery offered a range of delicious homemade bread and baked goods, based on traditional recipes.  The bakery shop was closed for much of 2020 and 2021 as a result of Covid-19 and, like many other small business in Ireland, they had to evolve to survive.  The “Bakehouse” now focuses almost exclusively on a range of bread mixes.

By the end of 2020, they had three award winning bread mixes and are now delighted to announce that two of those – our Irish Wheaten Bread Mix and our Irish Soda Bread Mix –  will be available across the Aldi network of 150 stores from 19th May as part of the “Grow with Aldi” initiative.

The Wild Fuschia Bakehouse range of bread mixes uses traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation; with just a few simple ingredients added by the home baker, all the breads are ready in under an hour.

A central theme for all of the bread mixes is “simple, wholesome and tasty” and this tagline features on all products.  They are all extremely easy to make. Full instructions are given on the packs and they also have a number of helpful videos on YouTube and check out their Instagram and Facebook pages.

The bread mixes are also very versatile and can be made to suit individual requirements.  For example, rice milk ( or other plant alternatives ) can replace milk / buttermilk and an egg can be replaced with a teaspoon of plant based oil.  In addition, you can be as creative as you like by adding additional ingredients to those recommended on the pack. 

“A firm favourite in our house is to add rosemary and black olives to the soda bread mix,” Sian said.

“We are also proud to have developed the mixes so that all the breads can be made with our “No Mess, No Fuss” approach.  With just a few simple ingredients added by the home baker, all our breads are ready in under an hour, so a busy schedule does not mean you should have to compromise on the good things in life.  We simply take the mess and the fuss out of home baking, just giving you great tasting bread.”