When a pair of Riverdance performers get married, you know they’re going to celebrate in style!

Shaun Kelly from Frosses and Emma Warren from Dublin danced the night away at their recent wedding party in Harvey’s Point.

But one performance stunned guests and continues to amaze thousands around the world after the video went viral on Instagram.

The happy couple reunited with their former cast members for a spellbinding Riverdance display. Up to 24 dancers showcased their impressive skills, leaving guests in awe.

Watch here:

The rousing performance added a unique and memorable touch to Shaun and Emma’s double celebrations. They had the best of both worlds by having their wedding ceremony in Lake Como in Italy, followed by party in Donegal!

Emma said the Riverdance Reunion was “so much craic dancing together again after touring the world with these wonderful friends for many years.”

The couple, who now live in Donegal Town, first joined Riverdance 11 years ago and are the 70th Riverdance couple to wed. How romantic is that?