The Pink Ladies Cancer Support Group are hosting their first cross border event in Buncrana this Friday ahead of World Cancer Day.

The information event takes place in The Inishowen Gateway Hotel on Friday 3rd of February.

This is the group’s first event in Donegal where the local community and local representatives will hear about the launch of the Pink Ladies Cancer Support North West Services and their expansion into the South.

The event is open to local community organisations, cancer service users, partner groups and agencies to hear about the Communities in Partnership Programme that will be rolling out in the area.

A variety of speakers will be present on the day from Ulster University, International Fund for Ireland, Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications (ROI) as well as Human Health, Nutrition and Air Pollution from agriculture.

Speakers to include:

Dr Claire McCauley Lecturer in Health Sciences at University of Ulster. Claire is announcing the awarding of £90K from The Ideas Fund to research Exploring the lived experience of post cancer surgery on mental health.

Dr McCauley said: “As a researcher passionate about mental wellbeing, this collaboration has already been enlightening on the depth and breadth of the lived experience of the cancer journey. I would hope to gain a deeper understanding of the mental health challenges post cancer surgery and the support which could be offered to elevate the impact. It would be hoped that this project would also significantly raise awareness of a cancer diagnosis.”

The 9 month project with focus groups explores the impact on mental health after surgery, the outcomes that could influence how medical staff speak and address these issues with patients and signposting to proper advice and support post surgery. Another outcome will be that an artist will interpret the findings, and will represent issues raised as a mural to be painted in a high footfall area of the city of Derry.

Airlite CEO Antonio Cianci will share information on the revolutionary Airlite paint, a revolutionary technology that is applied like a simple interior paint, offering an innovative and affordable solution to the problem of air quality. Activating only with the energy of light, it interacts with the polluting molecules, purifying the air in a natural way. The Pink Ladies will be painting a mural on the findings of Dr Mc Cauleys research using paint that improves air quality.

Dr Scott Jones Mind the Gap Research and Training group will speak on AMPHORA, a joint UK government led research programme with British Heart Foundation assessing impacts of Agricultural Pollution On Human Health.

Donna Mc Closkey will be announcing the Better Together project aims to tackle the lack of cross-border collaboration in the third sector north and south of the border. The project will help to build relationships and communication between Donegal and Derry Community Development groups and work together to build the capacity of organisations & communities in the Border Regions. The Triax Neighbourhood Management Team ( is the lead partner in the project funded by the International Fund for Ireland, have brought together the Pink Ladies and the Life After as partners to work with groups in Kilea, Lifford, Buncrana and Muff. The project will work with groups to deliver a range of projects including training, allotments, Cook it courses and information session from the Pink Ladies and Life After.

Jacquie Loughrey Education and Prevention Officer Pink Ladies Cancer Support Group will be explaining the joint campaigns, programmes and awareness on Environmental Toxins and Human Health

Sean Harkin Family Support and Liaison Officer with Pink Ladies Cancer Support Group will also be explaining services they hope to bring to Inishowen area.

Maureen Collins project manager of The Pink Ladies Cancer Support Group and Michelle MCLAREN Development Worker will talk about the group’s campaign Cancer Covid and You, the impact of post Covid Cancer Services North and South of the Border.

Local representatives Cllr Paul Canning, Mayor of Inishowen/Chairperson Municipal District, and Cllr Gerry McMonagle Chairperson HSE West Forum, will also be in attendance.

The general public interested in Cancer services in Inishowen can attend but must register via as numbers limited.