A Donegal-based brand has an exciting 2023 in store with the launch of a new clothing collection for people of all abilities.

ADAPTAFASHION is the brainchild of Sarah Timony from Donegal Town. The affordable clothing range is made with subtle but smart features to make dressing easier for people with disabilities, post-surgery, stroke or any additional need.

ADAPTAFASHION is for everyone, Sarah says.

“The aim is to give everybody a choice. The clothing is adapted with velcro and magnetic fastenings for people with needs, but it is not obvious.

“Inclusive fashion is about giving people the power to choose what they want to wear because the needs that many people face in their life are not their choice.”

Sarah Timony and Nikki Bradley model the ADAPTAFASHION joggers, Nikki also wears the Grey Sweatshirt With Velcro Adaptions

Sarah has worked in the health sector and in respite care for over a decade. Through her work, she saw a need for functional but fashionable clothing.

“I was working in nursing units in Australia when I saw family members adapting their relative’s clothing, and I thought this is what Ireland needs.”

On moving back to Donegal in 2015, Sarah branched into online fashion, but the lack of choice for younger people with additional needs was always on her mind.

ADAPTAFASHION was launched in March 2022. Sarah’s first collection was tailored for older people, with men’s shirts, ladies’ blouses and trousers all adapted for easy dressing.

The response so far has been great, Sarah said. The company was highly commended for an Accessibility, Diversity & Inclusivity award at this year’s Letterkenny Chamber Business Awards.

The brand took an exciting step forward this week with the launch of T-shirts, joggers and sweatshirts for all ages, ranging from sizes 8-16.

Nikki Bradley models the ADAPTAFASHION January 2023 collection

“From meeting young post-stroke survivors, I couldn’t understand why there was so little adaptable clothing choice when we have maternity, plus and petite ranges in many shops now,” Sarah said.

“That is why I created the new collection for younger people, with subtle branding that doesn’t differentiate the wearer from others.”

Adaptive adventurer and cancer survivor Nikki Bradley has come on board as ADAPTAFASHION’s Irish brand ambassador, while Paralympian Chloe Ball-Hopkins is the UK ambassador.

Nikki Bradley, who underwent an amputation this year, said she was delighted to model the new collection.

Nikki Bradley and Sarah Timony

“I believe what Sarah is doing is game-changing for people of such a wide variety of abilities,” Nikki said.

“I see first-hand how beneficial these different openings are. If it wasn’t for the velcro openings at the ankle and at the waist I wouldn’t be able to wear joggers over my prosthetic. 

“Watch this space, Sarah has great ideas and great things to come and I am very excited to be part of this journey.”

The new collection is available to pre-order now, for delivery in January, on www.adaptafashion.ie