It's time to uncork the wine colour trend, with a selection of pieces to pair with every occasion.

Wine, maroon, burgundy, berry – this time of year brings a beautiful variety of the deep red shade into stores everywhere. Our love for wine only grows when we see how well the shade compliments all skin tones.

From the deep ruby cabernet to the rich purple merlot, we can’t help but want to bring the colours of red wines to our wardrobe. Autumn/winter season always carries red-toned clothing, but this year the resurgence of velvet has suited wine shades especially well.

Wine coloured clothes tend to carry a vintage feel, and so they will be wearable each year as the season comes around again. Like a good bottle, they get better with age.

So whether it’s work, weekend or bedtime, here’s how we can wear wine all the time:

To the wine bar

Deep red is a sexy alternative to black for a night out, while luxe velvet and lace details are perfect for parties.

Mix and match berry colours with cream and black for a classic look. It’s up to you if you want to accessorise the ensemble with a large glass of malbec.

Dark days

It’s too easy to wrap up in black on these dark winter days. Go one shade lighter with wine shades and you’ll feel a little rosier. Perfect for pairing with a mulled wine at the Christmas markets.


This seductive set from Penneys is soft and sexy, and suits so many skin tones. Wine is an aphrodisiac, after all.

Penneys Robe €12, Bralette €7 and Brief €4

Penneys Robe €12, Bralette €7 and Brief €4