A major fundraising walk is underway today in memory of a wonderful mum and friend, Breda Gallagher-Friel.

Setting off at 3.30am in the pitch dark, with Storm Alex at their backs, Karol and the crew are en route to Inver Bay in great spirits.

Five hundred people will take part in the “Walk and Talk For B” charity event today in celebration of the life of Breda Gallagher-Friel who sadly passed away from cancer in August last year.

Breda Gallagher-Friel.

The walk began Newtoncunningham, where Breda, her husband Karol and their children Daithí, Katie May and Odhran lived, and will end approximately 80km away at Breda’s homeplace at Inver Bay on the Atlantic Ocean.

Mother-of-three Breda Gallagher-Friel was well known throughout the community and loved nothing more than going for a walk and talk, something her husband Karol hopes to encourage people to do more often: “We hope this event motivates and encourages people to do two of the most basic things: walk and talk to each other. Breda was a huge advocate of getting out walking with people, meeting up with friends and she always encouraged people to talk about and share their feelings.”

Karol shared a heartfelt message to volunteers yesterday saying: “Today on all our journeys let’s all remember what is important to us, let’s continue the road to recovery and discover the reasons we are all here. It’s not just to endure, it’s to live this life in faith and hope so we get to enjoy an eternal forever afterlife.”

The funds raised will go to Cancer Care West, Donegal Hospice, Marie Keating Foundation, Solace Donegal and The Good and New Cancer Charity.

If you see the walkers today make sure to give them a cheer. To donate, please visit: https://www.idonate.ie/fundraiser/11435175_walk–amp-amp-amp–talk-group-s-fundraising-page.html