A Donegal-designed wedding app is making supplier searches a breeze!

At a time when so much wedding planning is done remotely, Be Our Guest has launched an exciting update to connect couples with local wedding suppliers.

Be Our Guest is an eco-friendly planning app for couples who want to take a greener route and save money on stationary. The customised programme allows for paperless digitial invites, event planning and sharing photos and comments.

It was conjured up two years ago by couple Laura Cavanagh, who is from Buncrana and her partner Colin Vaughan, who is a Dub.

Now, the app has brought out a fantastic new feature which they say turns the wedding supplier search on its head. 

Wedding Shout allows couples to broadcast their wedding details to suppliers. Couples can choose between different options like location, style, categories and features, include their budget information and availability info and create a wedding broadcast recording a special message to describe their dream wedding. 

Laura and Colin explain: “We use artificial intelligence to match couples with the best suited suppliers in their area and each supplier receives the wedding shout which they can respond to. 

“With our new feature we take the hassle of searching for multiple suppliers and checking each supplier for availability, cost and suitability and we make life easier for wedding suppliers bringing them a unique take on lead generation and matching them based on the intricate details of their particular service. “

‘Be Our Guest’ has also launched an area for suppliers to highlight their eco friendly wedding actvities. Couples can filter by ‘Eco Friendly’ and read all the details that a supplier offers to elaborate on their sustainable works. Couples can also read an extensive blogging area and listen to upcoming podcasts (both available on the app) all about finding eco friendly wedding suppliers and having a more sustainable wedding. 

Be Our Guest is the flagship product of the Glitterbug software development company based in Buncrana. They specialise in mobile app development and custom enterprise software, with a growing product suite includes fiction apps, trivia apps, motivation apps and writers tools.

Find Be Our Guest on the App Store/ Google Play.