Emmet from Rushe Fitness reveals why motivation is the worst thing you can rely on when it comes to achieving health and fitness goals.

One of the main things I’m hearing from people when it comes to exercise right now is “I just can’t get motivated to do anything”. 

With everything that is going on, with the endless lockdowns and no end in sight, this can be understandable. 

But there is a bigger issue here. 

There is an issue that always has been with people when it comes to exercise and being healthier. 

The issue is Motivation. 

Motivation is seen as both the spark and the driver that will keep you going even when things get tough. 

There is a belief that if you ‘just had some motivation’ you would be able to achieve your goals and always keep exercising and eating healthy. 

Well, here is the truth about motivation. 

Motivation is the worst thing you can rely on when it comes to achieving your goals and you should stop using it.

I know this goes in the face of what you will see on social media and what you will hear from the motivation gurus who have millions of followers, but it is the uncomfortable truth that people need to hear right now. 

Think about every time you felt ‘motivated’. 

You were revved up and ready to attack anything that was thrown at you in order to get results. 

Then, the 1st obstacle gets in your way and suddenly your ‘motivation’ wanes and you don’t feel like training today, or your diet gets thrown out the window in favour of an easier option like a take-away. 

The reason things like this happen is because you are relying on motivation to always be there, when it won’t. 
It won’t always be there.
It is not constant.

Motivation is only the match that lights the fire. 

The work you do day in and day out is what keeps that fire going and your results coming. 

No amount of matches will ever be enough to keep you warm and no amount of motivation will ever be enough to keep you going when an obstacle gets in the way. 

You have to make exercise and eating healthy part of your daily routine. 

There is no way around this. 

It’s the boring little secret that the people you want to be like already know. They do it every day. 

If you like running and want to start, motivation will get you started. 

But the first time it rains, you won’t run because you will get wet. 

But notice that those runners who you want to be like are out in all weathers and all times of the year. 

Same with all sports people. 

They do the work even when they don’t feel like doing it because they know that’s what needs to be done. 


If it’s a weight loss goal or a goal of getting in a certain shape, motivation will get you started. 

But the people who are in shape all year-round, look after their diet all year-round, even when they don’t want to. If they slip up or have a bad weekend, they get back on track and don’t use it as a reason to stop. 

If you only relied on motivation when it came to your job, you would probably miss more days than you worked and eventually you wouldn’t have a job. 

We need to stop looking at our health as something we can look after some time down the road. 

We need to look after it now. Today.

You need to start now to avoid paying for it later. 

There is a small difference between those who succeed and those who do not, and it isn’t motivation. 

It is the willingness to do the work and to keep doing it when things get tough and life gets in the way. 

So, stop waiting to feel motivated. 

Get up and get moving.
Start being more active.
Start eating healthier. 

There is no secret here. 

Just start!


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