One of the most important relationships we can have is with ourselves, and Counsellor Sarah Barr has three helpful tips to help you really get to know and accept yourself.

We can spend a lot of time worrying about our relationships with other people and what they think of us. Yet one of the most important relationships in our lives is the one that we have with ourselves.

To help improve and strengthen this relationship it is important to really get to know and accept yourself.

The following suggestions can help with this:

1. Self-love

If you know yourself, the good, the bad and the ugly, you can start to accept who you are. It can be a little difference to accepts some parts of who you are, that may not be positive.

However, it is important to accept all the different parts of yourself and to celebrate your authentic self, without doubt or shame.

2. Independence

Self-knowledge can help to grow your individuality and authenticity. Own who you are without comparing or justifying your beliefs or actions.

Do what works for you and live YOUR life.

You are the expert in your own world and you are in charge of your life.
Independence and self-awareness also boosts your confidence. By knowing who you are and what you stand for in life can help to improve your confidence.

3. Clear decision making

With self-knowledge, understanding and acceptance comes insight and confidence. This can make the decision-making process much easier. There is not a lot of space for doubt once you have gained acceptance of who you are.

So maybe, set aside some quiet time and allow your to really think about who you are, your beliefs and your values. Make a list of your personality traits and remind yourself of these.

Celebrate every aspect of yourself, every single day.

– Sarah