With Valentine's Day just around the corner, Emmet from Rushe Fitness sets a surprising challenge for us all this week...

It’s Valentine’s week and love is in the air.

Couples everywhere will be spending the next few days getting organised for Sunday when flowers, cards, chocolates and ‘other things’ will be exchanged, and proclamations of love will be declared.

So, it is fitting that this week’s challenge should also have a love-based theme.

I set this challenge for my Rushe Fitness members back in 2018 and some of them found it to be one of the most difficult challenges they ever tried to do.

You may be thinking that the challenge I set involved Burpees, Sprints, or some other extreme exercise challenge that would leave you in a puddle of sweat on the floor.

But I didn’t.

In fact, the challenge didn’t involve ANY form of exercise AT ALL!


The challenge was simple, but as it turned out, EXTREMELY difficult to do.

The challenge is this;

Name 5 things that you love about yourself right now

This challenge as it turned out, became a great learning curve for many of our Rushe Fitness members.

When they started to post about finding it difficult to think of 5 things they loved about themselves, dozens of other members were able to rhyme off more than 5 things without breaking a sweat.

They had no problem helping each other name dozens of things that they loved about each other, but when it came to naming just 5 things that they loved about themselves, they struggled.

This is very common, and I would hazard a guess that many of you reading this post right now are struggling to come up with 5 things.

Why is that?

Why is it that we can name endless things about our family and friends that we love about them, but when it comes to ourselves, we almost feel ashamed to think of things?

In fact, I would say that we could easily rhyme off MANY things we DON’T like about ourselves.

That is NOT the way things should be.

This mindset is also the reason that we can struggle when it comes to achieving our health, fitness and bodyweight goals.

Think about all the times you have slipped up on your diet.
Think about all the times you have missed training.


What was the default thing that many of us do when those 2 things happen?

We ‘punish’ ourselves for doing it with food and drink.

This can start a downward spiral for many of us on our weight loss journeys and it can take months to get back on track once this starts to happen.

But here’s the thing!

It doesn’t have to be this way.
In fact it NEVER has to be this way.

We need to learn to ‘LOVE’ ourselves so that when things like this happen, we can ‘FORGIVE’ ourselves and get back on track.

So, here is your challenge for this week.

Name 5 things that you love about yourself. 

Don’t say that you don’t have any, because each and every one of you have values that your family and friends could write a book with.

You just need to start to realise this, be grateful for the qualities you have and use it to become a better version of you.

You will be glad that you did.


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