A former Donegal beauty therapist has launched a new video series to share her tried and tested tips on all things beauty and skincare.

Claire McDermott from Carndonagh was affected by acne for eight years before finally finding a solution that worked for her. 

With five products, she finally cleared it once and for all – and she is keen to share her discoveries with the hope of helping others. 

The products are easy to find locally and range from just €2.50 up (see the video for full list). While not everything suits everybody when it comes to skin issues, Claire’s recommendations have had a great response and led to many inquiries from local women.

“I had perfect skin as a teenager, but when I turned twenty I just got acne all of a sudden,” Claire said.

“My skin was really bad, it was actually sore and I just couldn’t leave the house without a full face of foundation.

“I tried everything and nothing was working. After I broke out at Christmas last year I decided this year I’m going to find what really works.”

Claire tried a new diet, new vitamins and new products to eventually achieve her amazing skin transformation. 

Claire Mc Dermott

She had also embarked on a new job this year. After 10 years as a beauty therapist, she has gone on to become a special needs assistant and pursued a path she always wanted to take. 

Claire’s new beauty channel will be a passion project for her as she shares her knowledge from the industry.

“This is my way of keeping beauty, I make my videos and show my tips and tricks. That way I can keep doing both of the things that I really love,” Claire said.

Claire’s upcoming videos will feature makeup advice for acne, daytime and going out makeup and how to get a flawless tan – stay tuned to her channel here!

For adults and teenagers dealing with their own acne problems, Claire’s advice is to not give up to soon:

“Keep going with what products you think is going to work, it took two full months for me. You need to stay at your products from longer than two or three weeks, you need to give them a good chance to work. You won’t know for about six weeks until something is really going to work for you. Another thing is make sure your makeup is definitely off, you need to keep the skin as clean as you can.”