Letterkenny gym owner Emmet Rushe shares five simple and effective ways to create structure for your weight loss goals.

Our June challenge is in full swing in Rushe Fitness Live.

We have loads of members who are keeping healthy and active while the gyms are closed and we are setting monthly challenges to keep them on track.

This month we have a step challenge and it helps to keep everyone motivated and will help them to reach their goals in the easiest way possible.

When it comes to weight loss, quite often the information that people get is either too complicated or completely restrictive and doesn’t allow for you to have a normal life while losing weight.

Diets like these only have 2 ways of ending up;

  1. They are too difficult to follow, and the person stops after 2-3 weeks.
  2. The person may manage to complete the diet, but they have learned nothing along the way and will go straight back to their old habits after they finish and will regain all the weight they have lost.

So, both are not ideal options and while you may lose some weight on these, the likelyhood of you keeping the weight off long term isn’t very high.

During the lockdown, the information we are giving to our Rushe Fitness Live members is easy to follow and is very effective for setting up good habits that will help them to achieve their goals without having to restrict everything they enjoy eating.

In fact, we aren’t focusing on weight loss at all during this and are helping members to keep active each day and just focus on chioosing better options when eating.

I have given the tips below many times, but the basics of what works never changes and if you have seen our member success stories, you will see that this method works VERY well.

When added into your daily routine, these tips can be adhered to very easily and you can get results and still have a life.

Use a food diary:

A simple food diary can prevent you from taking in excess calories from seemingly innocent sources, such as sugary drinks cereal bars.
Writing down everything that you eat and drink, means that you are holding yourself accountable for your actions.

It can prevent you from making mistakes.
If you are training with a friend, swap diaries once a week and hold each other accountable.

Keep active every day:

One of the main things we have been getting our Rushe Fitness Live members to do, is to keep active every day.

It is very easy to be inactive while we are at home with less places to go and most not being at work.
So, getting a daily walk in and having a goal like a step challenge similar to what we are doing with our members, gives you a goal each day to keep you moving.

Manage your Portions

If you eat healthy, but still struggle with weight loss, you may need to look at your portion sizes.
At each meal you should be getting in a portion of protein, a portion of carbohydrates and plenty of vegetables. The way you ensure you aren’t eating too much is to plan out your plate for success.

Split your plate into thirds.
1/3 Protein (chicken)
1/3 Carbs (potatoes)
1/3 Vegetables

If you feel hungry while doing this, you double your vegetable portion so you fill up on the foods with the least amount of calories.

Don’t skip your resistance training:

With the weather being good and with the gyms being closed, it’s easy to just think you will wait until everything re-opens again before you do any resistance training.

More are heading for walks and enjoying the sunshine.

The research has shown us that the best way to get results from your training, is through a combination of resistance training and cardio.
Resistance training also improves the shape of your body, so when the weight comes off you will look physically better.

If you haven’t been doing home workouts like the Rushe Fitness Live ones, it’s time to start.

Use the 90% rule:
The 90% rule allows you to be consistent with something but to have some leeway throughout the week as well.  An example of this is that if you planned to eat 4 meals per day 7 days per week that is 28 meals, 90% of this would give 25, and this allows 3 free meals throughout the week. 

These are very simple, but very effective ways to create structure to your weight loss goals, but if you are still unsure how to put this together, we give a full support to our Rushe Fitness Live members when they join our online classes.

If you need help with a new fitness and health routine, Rushe Fitness Live can help!

In our online fitness community, we have daily workouts, recipe guides, guest speakers and guest fitness classes. And we also have a positive and supportive fitness community that will help and support you though the lockdown.

So, if you are ready to make a change, click the link below and subscribe to Rushe Fitness live now and keep the whole family fit and healthy!