We may be missing the spa, but makeup artist Lynda Strain has a guide to recreating a relaxing luxury facial at home.

Silky Skin

Treat yourself to a homestyle facial. This will help improve skin quality, leaving your skin looking brighter and full of vitality. Not to mention how wonderful you will feel!

Creating the right ambience is an essential part to any pampering whether it is at a spa or at home.  Play some relaxing music, dim the lights and light some candles. Take a few slow deep breaths, clear your mind and you will feel the peace and tranquillity.

What you will need

If you do not have any of the below be creative and look online for natural substitutes for your facial. Such as: Face masks from natural yoghurt, eye mask from cucumbers and fresh blueberries, honey and sugar can do wonders as facial scrub. 

  • Bowl of warm water (not boiling)
  • Muslin Facial cloth x 6 (soft face cloth will also work)
  • Damp Cotton Pads x 8
  • Cleanser or Facial Wash
  • Toner
  • Facial Scrub
  • Face Moisturiser
  • Face Mask
  • Eye Mask


Cleanse x 2 – Add a few drops of cleanser into your hands & rub your palms together to add warmth to your product and apply starting from chest area (décolleté) working up the neck using slow massage movements up towards the face circular movements towards the heart to stimulate the blood supply. This in turn will bring fresh oxygen and nutrients to the facial area. Remove with warm water and repeat one more time.

Tone: Tone after every cleanse. This will help refine the skin and minimize pores.

Exfoliate: From décolleté to forehead repeat the cleanse process only this time using your scrub. On areas that are dryer you can work a little bit more. Do not use any harsh scrubs as they will tear your skin. Remove thoroughly with warm water & tone.

Mask: Apply to face and around eye area and apply damp cotton pads to over eye. Lye back & relax for 20 mins. Remove with warm water, tone and moisturise. You should be feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 

This routine is not just for the ladies – men can treat themselves too!

This is also a great way for couples to relax together by treating each other to a facial.

Enjoy Everyone!

Love Lynda x