New York actress Sarah Jessica Parker has taken an unlikely career move by launching her own wine - SJP Sauvignon Blanc.

But the more surprising part is that the inspiration came from Supervalu in Killybegs.

The Sex and the City star has revealed that she loves stocking up on wine while on holiday in south Donegal, where she and her actor husband Matthew Broderick have a holiday home.

And the wine selection in the nearest Supervalu was clearly up to standard, as the couple developed a liking to the New Zealand wine brand Invivo. Two years later, and SJP is celebrating her own edition of SJP Sauvignon Blanc by Invivo.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Sarah said that she enjoys wining and dining at home during her Donegal breaks.

“My husband and I had been buying Invivo wines in Ireland,” she said.

“Our local SuperValu has a really nice selection of wine and we had been purchasing Invivo wines and we loved them.”


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Sarah and Matthew recently added a large extension to their holiday cottage in Kilcar, where they spent their first Christmas in Ireland last year.

Kilcar is a different world to bustling New York City when it comes to restaurant options, so Sarah and Matthew have been going back to basics by doing groceries and cooking.

She said: “We can only cook when we’re in Ireland because there aren’t really restaurants where we are, so if people are at our home then we cook for them and serve them wine.”

Carrie Bradshaw, the Sex And The City character that Sarah is best known for, was always a fan of cocktails. But Sarah said she prefers wine – and a glass every night is just enough.

She said: “I don’t drink out of a giant goblet every night — I’m not a big drinker. But my husband and I might have a glass of wine at dinner.”