Gym gear fan Charlene Green thinks Donegal women are at the top of their game.

Charlene Green is a Makeup Artist ( Bridal Specialist) based in Buncrana. She has been creating makeup looks for the past 8/9 years and loves every minute of it.

You can follow her on Facebook/Instagram @Charlenegreenmakeup or Snapchat CharleneGr

We asked Charlene to share some of her style secrets: 

How would you describe your personal style?

Very laid back I definitely go for comfort, if I can wear a bra with it then I’m all in lol

Who is your style icon?

I love Kate and Colleen from Blush Boutique. Most of the girls I admire aren’t bloggers just local Buncrana girls who have amazing style. I do love Derry girl Joanna Cooper just to look at and admire aswell

What is your favourite piece of clothing?

A red suede jacket I bought in Blush last year. It’s a lifelong kinda jacket the colour is so vibrant and it’s so comfortable.

What inspires you when choosing an outfit?

I love a little rock edge, a leather jacket, ripped jeans, off the shoulder top etc. I am def far from a coordinated style queen I am more like her 2nd assistant

How would you accessorise a look?

I am very repetitive when it comes to accessories, I love chunky rings or a little headband. I don’t own a belt believe it or not but I am Gona fix that this year. My friend Yvonne is going to die when she reads this, she’s the style icon in the group and I pass most things by her, I can hear her screaming “Charlene how do you not own a belt and why would u tell people that” hahaha…

What is your most recent fashion purchase?

Nike Tekno trainers I am waiting on them to be delivered, I had the Filas when I was 15 and now I’m 34 so I think I should leave the Fila back there and try these instead ?

Where do you usually shop for clothing?

Online I love the usual, Boohoo, ASOS, TFNC, Nicola in Sequin Cinderella is great to run into and say you’ve got a night out that night and you need something asap.

Do you have any favourite local fashion boutiques?

Blush, Sequin Cinderella, MC O’s Vintage are all fab run by a local woman and cater for everyone x

What are your wardrobe staples?

White t-Shirt, ripped jeans, leather jacket and 150 pairs of gym leggings

Do you follow trends?

Not really, there’s a lot I don’t wear because of my body shape (I have scoliosis) and don’t have much length in my waist so I stick with what suits me.

Heels or flats?

In between, always heels on a night out and every other day flats. Flip Flops or Trainers mostly. In heels I love a little platform at the front as I have got a crazy high arch so New look usually have a great range and I like a sandal heel more than a stiletto I like being strapped into a shoe x

Shoes or handbags?

Trainers, when I go for a handbag I usually get mine handmade by an unreal local company called CB Bags (Price range €20-€40) you’ll get them on Facebook or Instagram. A very talented lady who can basically make any colour or style in no time at all x

What is the best piece of fashion advice you’ve ever heard?

Never have a piece finish at a part of your body your paranoid about. So for eg. If you thought your hips were wide don’t have a top that ends just at that area or if it was your upper arms don’t have a t shirt that stops there, wear a three quarter length. Where it stops it draws attention to.

What do you think about the fashion scene in Donegal?

Unreal!!! Top the game really the girls are always dressed to perfection with the latest trends. If you see me I am 90% of my life in gym gear lol so I don’t count.

What has been your best investment piece?

I don’t have anything overly expensive like a Gucci Bag or Fenti Trainers that’s just not me but my daddy bought me a dusty pink leather jacket once and I’ll never ever part with it x

What’s the wackiest item you own?

Oh spiked heels for sure they are class but dangerous lol

If you could wear only one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Gym Gear 100% my husband would prob pick the same so we would be well suited. Regular clothes it’d be jeans and a logo t shirt. I discovered a brand online recently called The Paperpress (Instagram) and her stuff is fab. Personalized or just regular logo T Shirts and Sweaters x

What has been your biggest fashion faux-pas?

I was just looking at this pic yesterday lol a bright purple boob tube dress with a massive bow on the bum and pink platform heels. Then that wasn’t enough I went on to wear purple eyeshadow, pink blush and pink lips. Awful ? but sure the craic now looking back at it

If money wasn’t a factor, what would you buy?

Honestly, a lifetime supply of trainers. €500 bags and clothes just aren’t for me. I am probably abit of a plain Jane most of the time. I have been known to spend €300 on a dress but not anymore I’m that mammy now that’s looking at it saying “I could get a flight to Spain instead” lol

How do you feel when you’re in your favourite outfit?

Sunday Outfits as I call them lol I do like a little skirt and t shirt combo and to feel like a lady from time to time.

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