BeProductive founder Moira Dunne is Donegal-bound this April to share her expertise at Women's Inspire Donegal.

Moira Dunne

Moira is a Dublin-based productivity consultant who has cracked the code to taking control of your time and getting more done.

In today’s hectic world, Moira educates people on how to boost their productivity. She’ll be sharing these secrets during a talk at the Women’s Inspire Donegal conference on 10th April 2019 in Harvey’s Point.

But before this unmissable gathering, Moira took time to tell how her business was born from helping others improve their time management.

Introducing Moira from BeProductive…

My Business:

I help people take back control of their time so they can achieve what’s important for them in business and in life. Being productive is increasingly hard in today’s hectic world of instant communication. I provide Training, Coaching and Top Tips seminars that motivates people to boost their productivity.

I started about 2 years ago as I noticed how increasingly stressed my clients were as I worked with them on various business Training & Consulting projects. I decided to do some research on what was actually happening in business today, from multinationals to single small single owner businesses. Out of that I developed a set of practical tools people can implement straight away to improve their productivity.

The beproductive name is important. It’s about helping people improve their productivity, giving them focus. I enable people, help them make small instant practical changes to how they approach their work. By shifting mindset to a proactive mode we can stay in control of our time and stay focused on what’s important to us.

Moira Dunne with @nudiefoods ahead of a ‘Boost Your Productivity’ Seminar

How I got to where I am today

Hard to give a brief outline as I started out my career as a Biochemist in the eighties so lots has happened since!

I worked in the Pharma industry for 8 years in UK & US before returning to Ireland. I had worked on laboratory automation and had to train people before I left my job. I had a lightbulb moment when I realised that I absolutely loved imparting skills and knowledge to others and helping people improve.

So I carved out a career in training and consulting working over the years in Financial Services, IT and Pharma on a range of projects in Productivity, Team Development, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Change Management, Capacity Planning, Competency Development, Performance Management, KPI Analysis and Reporting.

I absolutely love training and advising people, passing on what I have learned over the years but making the training relevant for each person’s business and set of circumstances.

Productivity Training

The most valuable things I have learned about business over the years:

Be nice to people and help who you can! Be genuinely interested in the people you meet along the way. Build relationships for the long term rather than short-term business.

My business network:

My husband Paul (who is from Donegal!) has been hugely supportive of my career and is a great sounding board for new ideas. Having said that I am fairly independent so I don’t really mix business and personal life.

While I am very close to my two sisters, we all pursued very different careers so when we get together we leave business talk to one side!

The most rewarding thing about my work:

When clients are excited and motivated after training them – as they have been able to make real positive changes and taken back some control.

Who or what inspires me to succeed:

The bank manager! No seriously, like most women in business, I am very motivated to succeed. My daughter Maeve who is now 16 has always provided an extra incentive as I want to provide her with a good female role model.

My goals for the future:

Open a training hub– a space where people can get away from the pressures of business, clear their heads, find time to think and develop and grow.

Where to follow Moira?

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Women’s Inspire Donegal

Moira Dunne and BeProductive are sponsors of the highly-anticipated Women’s Inspire Network event in Donegal on the 10th of April 2019. is the WIN media partner for the ‘Overcoming Challenges’ conference at Harvey’s Point. Tickets for ‘Women’s Inspire Donegal’ are out now on Use the code ‘donegalwoman’ for 20% off your ticket. Tickets include a full day conference, lunch, and workshops.