'What the **** are you doing here?'

Leona Russell recently phoned home to Letterkenny asking for tea bags to be sent to her in Australia. Little did she know that a special delivery was on the way!

Serena Russell gave her sister Leona the shock of a lifetime this week when she landed in Perth for a surprise visit. Not only that, but she snuck up on Leona during her lunch break….

Watch Leona’s reaction in the hilarious clip below (and watch out for NSFW language):

It was only last Friday that Serena decided to make the trip, taking a 16-hour non-stop flight from London to visit her younger sister who recently moved Down Under to work as a personal trainer.

Leona was having lunch in a shopping centre when Serena arrived. Some careful planning with the help of their friend Denise McElhinney ensured the special moment of their reunion was caught on camera.

Now, the two sisters are looking forward to soaking up the Perth summer sunshine during Serena’s holiday.

Serena said: “She nearly had a heart attack. She’s in total shock.

“I missed her so much so it will be harder leaving again. I’m looking forward to cocktails and sun now!”

After all that excitement, here’s hoping she remembered the Barry’s tea bags Leona wanted!