It was as fabulous as you could imagine.

Actress Christine Baranski brought an A-List touch to an environmental event on a Donegal beach today – much to the surprise of many.

RTE News

Baranski, who stars in Mamma Mia, The Good Wife and The Big Bang Theory, officially unveiled a sculpture at a local event on Dooey Beach in Lettermacaward this Sunday afternoon.

The glamorous actress, who is also a passionate environmentalist, was only too happy to play her part in an exciting project that turned waste into art. The summer project was conducted by the Gweebarra Community Group, supported by Leitir Development Group, who were present for the big reveal today.

Baranski was there to celebrate the work of Belfast sculptor Niamh McCann, who designed a mythical bird using waste collected from Dooey Beach, much of it being plastic.

Video via @rtenews

It may seem random that such a world-famous actress did the honours at today’s event, but it is fitting because Baranski has bought a home in Leitermacaward this year.

The star’s Donegal hideaway overlooks the bay and she will now be able to take pride in playing her part in this community clean-up and environmental project.

Following a report of the event on RTE News, social media has come alive with surprise and wonder at Baranski’s appearance in the North West.

Many Twitter users are marvelling at the ‘randomness’ of it all:

Many commenters are also loving Baranski’s Wild Atlantic Beach-Glam attire:

Christine joins an impressive list of A-Listers who choose Donegal as their retreat from the celebrity world. Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker and her Hollywood and Broadway actor husband Matthew Broderick are often spotted in south Donegal, where they have a holiday home in Kicar.