Self-care is not selfish. Here are 20 ideas for your list by Counsellor Sarah Barr:

It can be so hard to practice any type of self-care when you’re not feeling yourself. Yet this is exactly when you need it the most.

On days like this, stop, breathe and drop whatever you can before you drop.

Self-care is a practice, so creating a list of self-care ideas you can turn to on harder days can help you get through it.

Self-care is not selfish, it is necessary. You can’t take care of others until you take care of yourself.

Here are some ideas for you to add to your self-care list:

  1. Shower. As simple as that may sound, sometimes if you’re going through a difficult time, you can forget about it. Stand in the shower and imagine the water is washing away your worries.  
  2. A favourite of mine; Netflix and chocolate.
  3. Social media detox. Turn your phone off and focus on what is happening around you. 
  4. Allow yourself to have a bad day. Give yourself permission to feel the negative emotions and to tell those closest to you.
  5. Go for a walk. Exercise is a natural antidote to feeling down. Not only will it give your happy hormones a boost but it will also leave you feeling refreshed.
  6. Listen to music. It can help you to think straight and sort through thoughts.
  7. Take a long bath. Fill the bath with Epsom salts (helps to draw out negative toxins) and lavender oil (helps to calm and soothe). One tip a mum told me she does (if you don’t have a bath shelf) is to put a folded ironing board across your bath. Voila, an instant shelf. To use for a book, a tablet (to watch your favourite Netflix show) or whatever you need.
  8. Taking your medication and/or daily vitamins. There is no shame in this. If you had hay-fever you would take an antihistamine.
  9. Nap. Sometimes resting and taking the time out your body needs can help so much.
  10. Write it down. Writing down each day how you are feeling.
  11. Practice gratitude. Each morning and evening write down/or say to yourself 5 things you are grateful for.
  12. Create positive “I am” affirmations. Such as “I am confident” or “I am good enough”. Repeat these throughout the day. Your mind will believe what you tell it.
  13. Guided meditation. There are loads of links to choose from on youtube. Take 10/15 mins each day and listen to it.
  14. Reading. Pick a book and escape to a different place.
  15. Buy yourself a treat. You deserve it!
  16. Talk. Open up and talk about how you are feeling. It will lift a weight off your shoulders.
  17. Write down your goals and wishes at the start of each month.
  18. Rota. Create a daily rota each week. Designating time for cleaning/children/friends/relaxing time etc.
  19. Draw/colour.
  20. Accept. Understand your feelings and remind yourself how far you have come.

We all have ‘bad’ days and this is okay. It is important however on days like these to be gentle on yourself. To take care of yourself and to remind yourself of how far you have come.

If your ‘bad’ days are lasting for longer than 2 weeks it is advisable that you talk to your doctor or a counsellor. You may just need a helping hand in tackling the harder days.

Take Care ~ Sarah