Sizes 8, 10, 12 and beyond will soon be a thing of the past in Penneys after this announcement. 

Penneys and Primark have this week revealed a major overhaul of their sizing system. “We’re updating our sizing for a more comfortable fit,” said the announcement.

The budget fashion store will soon bring in sizes 2XS up to 2XL instead of the single sized 10,12,14 etc.

The changes will also see Penneys catering to those who wear up to size 22/24 with the new 2XL label. Penneys previously stocked clothing up to size 20, so the extension has been welcomed by many:

However, the move has earned some criticism over plus sizing, which some see as retailers ‘normalising obesity’. Much debate has arisen over the small size 4s and the size 24s in recent days.

“No matter what size, everyone has a right to feel pretty and be comfortable. Educate on food, not how to dress,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Experts say plus size clothing is fuelling obesity but the models we are so used to seeing on the catwalks promote eating disorders like anorexia due to their skeletal frame! Where’s the happy medium??,” said another comment.

Other shoppers are not happy with the blend of two sizes in one. Some have said it will limit people from finding the best fit if they fall between categories.

A Primark spokesperson told that it won’t be long until we see the S, M and L labels in stores: “The new sizing is trickling into stores now and will be used for a small amount of lingerie plus a large selection of womenswear including: Jumpers, cardigans, jersey tops, sports tops, casual bottoms, workout apparel, shorts (not denim shorts), light jackets and some swimwear.”

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