In just two days, everyone's heart has been broken by Alex's inability to find a match. 

A&E doctor Alex George has been feeling downbeat on ITV’s reality dating show Love Island.

Things aren’t looking good after Alex’s rejection at the first coupling up and having been snubbed by Hayley during the baggage challenge. 

With his frustrations beginning to show, Alex admits “I just want to show everyone inside and outside that I’ve got something to offer here.”

Alex, Love Island. From ITV Studios

As Alex begins to question his long-term future in the villa, viewers have growing concerns:

Things may be looking up tonight as the villa will welcome two unexpected new arrivals in the shape of singletons Georgia and Rosie.

All hopes lie with Rosie, who is a solicitor, to be Alex’s dream woman. After Hayley refused to kiss him because ‘he’s got a professional job’, she lost a lot of fans.

Suspicions quickly begin to mount amongst the five original females Dani, Samira, Laura, Kendall and Hayley that one of them is soon to get the boot when they learn that their two love rivals are on their way.

The boys however are more optimistic about the sudden developments in the villa, none more so than Alex, who feels the new arrivals could prompt a U Turn after his recent romantic woes.

A sneak peek at tonight’s episode reveals that Alex hopes one of the girls could be his future wife.

“My wife’s coming in. Wife and mother of my children. You never know,” he says.

It seems that he really is looking for ‘The One’, so we hope a change is on the horizon to save the doctor from flatlining!

Love Island airs exclusively on 3e, tonight at 9pm.