Tune into TG4 at 8pm to see some familiar faces!

The first episode of ‘An Shandon’ airs tonight, sharing a behind the scenes look at the Shandon Hotel in Donegal, where the staff have as much craic as the guests.

The four-part fly on the wall documentary series will show viewers what really goes on in the back corridors of a successful hotel.

The series follows many great characters in the resort’s staff and management team, as well as some VIP guests.

An Shandon TG4

In episode 1 we meet Claudine, the sister of the hotel’s new owner Warren McCarthy. With great secrecy, brother and sister conspire to arrange a 70th surprise birthday party for their mother Breda, who is originally from the area.

The new owners’ mother is unaware of the work that has gone into preparing her birthday present, but will the family and hotel staff manage to keep the big secret under wraps?

Another star of episode one is Breakfast chef Maureen, who is very keen to see how she comes across on camera. 

Chef Maureen said: “.. at first we were all very nervous when the cameras were in, but Carolynne encouraged us to just ignore them and work away like we always do! I’ve been told that the first show features the birthday party of Mrs McCarthy, I’m so excited to see that because my youngest Charlie danced for her, so hopefully that will be in it.”

Chefs Josie, Maureen and Eoghan

In the kitchen with Maureen we find Gortahork native Josie, one of the newest members of the team.

Needless to say, Josie was slightly anxious when the cameras were following him:

Chef Josie: “To be honest, I can’t even remember half of the things that were caught on camera and I haven’t seen it so goodness knows what is coming our way!”

Throughout the series viewers will see a business pushing itself to grow and transform through every obstacle thrown in its way. There are many highs, lows and emotional moments as staff and guests open up to the cameras.

Shandon Hotel General Manager Carolynne Harrison is full of praise for her team on this TV journey.

Shandon Hotel General Manager Carolynne Harrison

Carolynne said: “I’m super proud of my entire team for being such good sports for the year that we were being filmed, it’s not easy coming to work with the knowledge that you have a busy day ahead, never mind that on top of that, you’ll have a TV crew following you around! I have to commend them all for their enthusiasm and support of the show!”

‘An Shandon’ was produced by Paper Owl Films for TG4 with support from Northern Ireland Screen’s Irish Language Broadcast Fund.

Tune in to see An Shandon at 8pm tonight, Thursday 18th October, on TG4