If people on social media make you feel bad about yourself, stop following them.

Social media is fake.

It’s as fake as can be.

It’s driven by our need to be liked and this is being misused daily.

We judge our lives on what others are doing.
We judge our bodies on what others look like.
We judge our happiness and relationships based on how others seem to be.

We are wishing our lives away on things that aren’t even real.

The pictures and images you see on social media are not how things are.

Those fitness people you follow don’t actually look like that.

That couple who are happy all the time fight more than you know.

That person who seems to have it all together, all of the time, has panic attacks when they don’t get enough likes on their pictures.

We assume that our lives aren’t as good as others, when they are just the same.

But we are judging based on the highlight reels of others, not what the whole movie is like.

Think about it like this;

How many times have you seen an ad for a movie and it looked great?

Really funny and looked like it was going to be a good watch.

Then when you went to see it, you realised that all the best parts were in the ad and the movie really sucked.

It wasn’t worth the price of the ticket.

That is social media.

How do you connect with people online?

Pictures will be taken from all angles, with all types of lighting and then all types of filters will be used.

Waist doesn’t look thin enough?

Let’s suck it in, turn to a 45-degree angle, pull the waistline above the hips and voila, you look thinner, the waist looks smaller and the person looks like they weigh less than they do.





It’s not how they really look, and now you are comparing how you look to a photo of how that person isn’t.

Then, you have to look at the amount of performance enhancers that are being used for improved body composition.

We would all like to think that the person you are following has achieved their physique naturally, but with over 1 MILLION people using steroids of some sort in the UK alone, it’s hard to believe what you are seeing.

Yes, the article above is about males, but if you think that females are using these things and more to change how they look, you are giving yourself a really raw deal.

Performance enhancers, Botox, cosmetic surgery, make up, lighting, filters, photoshop, apps, angles.

These are overused to make people look like they aren’t.

The best rule you can have for using social media is this;

If the person you are following, make you feel bad about yourself, stop following them.

Don’t use their (fake) life to make you feel good, because it usually makes you feel bad about how your life is.

Start doing things to make you feel good for yourself and improving your quality of life for you, not for how many likes your picture gets.

If you are jealous of them, and what they have or how they seem to be, it’s time to press unfollow.