If Donegal had its own music charts, this would be No 1.

It’s been a big week for the people of Donegal and the O’Donnells after the Room to Improve with Daniel and Majella finally aired on RTE.

From wooden tiles to endless toilets, it was a renovation that captured the nation. Daniel and architect Dermot Bannon didn’t quite agree on much, and their budget battles have inspired the Donegal singing star to release a new song.

TodayFM yesterday featured an interview with ‘Daniel’ as part of the Gift Grub impersonation series. The Kincasslagh native talked about his rivalry with Dermot before releasing his new ballad to the tune of the Goats Don’t Shave song ‘Hills of Donegal’.

Great lines like ‘I’ll bury ye beneath me wooden tiles’ and ‘I wanted to kick the head off him but I only said Gee-Whiz’ capture the hilarity of their televised spat. Listen to the song here:

“We’ve had quite enough of each other,” Daniel admitted to radio host Ian Dempsey.  A fake deleted scene hears ‘Daniel’ threatening to throw Dermot off a cliff, shouting: “€395 grand, do you know how many nights I have to do in Killarney for that amount of money?”

You can listen to the full interview here: https://www.todayfm.com/podcasts/83830/Gift-Grub—Daniels-Song-Of-Revenge-For-Dermot-Bannon

This skit with impersonator Mario Rosenstock is another glimpse at how popular Daniel and Majella’s home renovation was on RTE last Sunday. The episode made history as the highest-ever viewed edition of Room to Improve, and was the top programme of the year so far in Irish viewership ratings. Gee whiz!