"I remember standing in front of the mirror going 'that looks alright!'"

Growing up, we’ve all at least once tried something novel in an attempt to look older. Teenage girls may opt for haphazardly applied makeup, the odd bit of tissue stuffed here and there, and stepping into skyscraper heels in an attempt to look older.

Although it’s fair to say it’s slightly unusual to repurpose a stick-on beard in lieu of body hair!

Holywood heart-throb Jamie Dornan had everyone in stitches last night when he appeared on The Graham Norton Show as he shared the story of how he used the hair off of a stick-on beard to craft a lump of jet-black, curly pubic hair.

Words don’t do this story justice – watch as he tells it in his own words (with appropriate hand gestures!)

Sharing embarrassing stories is terrifying enough – never mind whilst sharing a couch with Liam Neeson and Helen Mirren!

All in all, a very hairy situation!