A family entertainment show in Australia took a hilariously racy turn when a Donegal woman introduced herself.

Australian television presenter Grant Denyer couldn’t contain his giggles when he met Caitlin Sheaffer, who grew up in Muff.

We’re well used to the border town prompting a few laughs, but this presenter was absolutely tickled by the town name! Watch Grant’s reaction here:

Caitlin and her family were on an episode of Family Feud Australia when she ‘broke’ Grant by telling him about her hometown.

Grant was even more amused by Caitlin’s old school – Hollybush!

Grant was brave to ask the question “What was the entrance to Muff like?”, fully expecting an answer of comedy gold – “You are now entering Muff.” Grant cheered in triumph over the hilarious phrase.

As the gameshow got down to business, the luck of the Irish was with Caitlin and her clan and they won an amazing $10,000!