From vlog-watching, group chats and family moments, Niamh Shields shares advice for students to avoid festive boredom.

College Corner columnist Niamh Shields

Hi all, apologies it has been a while since I have written a post. November and early December is very college student’s nightmare with endless assignments, exams and presentations.  But I am back in action for you all, I can’t wait to show you all my new material.

Christmas holidays can be both a blessing and a curse. There is a part of you that wants to stay in Dublin, hitting Dtwo and Coppers but you also want to hibernate at home with a stocked up fridge, mammy’s cooked meals, and actual heating in your bedroom.

I think the boredom of it all, is what scares us the most.  

Don’t be too tempted to spend all your holidays in hibernation


Here are a few tips to have a joyful and merry Christmas:

Plan girly nights outs and coffee dates: 

One thing I miss about being away from home is the girls, we are a mad bunch together.  Finding time to all meet up at the semester time is impossible as many have different deadlines, plans etc. Christmas however, is the best time to meet up as you have a whole month of planning.

I so look forward seeing everyone and hearing their stories. We all either meet up and have a movie night with a takeaway, or meet in town for shopping and coffees.

Of course, we all plan for the biggest night and biggest catch up of all…. Boxing night. In our precious gem, The Grill. The night is always a golden and messy night for all.  So, get the group chats started and let the festive outings begin!

Celebrate in style with friends

Christmas markets and lights: 

Being 20 years old, I still get excited about the Glen Village Christmas Lights and Santa night. Never missed a year.

It’s just such a lovely experience seeing all the neighbours come out and everyone filled with such cheer and happiness.

Yes, I do get a present off Santa when he comes, you’re never too old. 

Christmas markets are my ultimate favourite too. It gets me right in the Christmas mood. Check Facebook for events nearby, there are filled with fun and cheer, and better than staying indoors.

Go out and enjoy the local festivities


I am obsessed with vloggers and once December hits, it only means one thing… Vlogmas.!  Vlogmas is where vloggers record snippets of their daily life for the whole month. My favourite vlogger over the Vlogmas period is Zoella.

Zoella just adores Christmas, and her vlogs are so cosy and festive, I’m obsessed. I watch the vlogs every night with a big cup of hot chocolate and biscuits. Bliss. 

Image: Zoella Youtube

Starbucks Christmas Drinks: 

Stressed with all the late minute Christmas shopping? Get yourself to Starbucks. They have so many Christmas flavours. My fave is the Toffee Nut Latte. Basic Shieldsy I know, but treat yo’self. Sometimes I like going to get a Starbucks and just read. It’s so relaxing. 

Starbucks 2017 Christmas Cups

Family Time:

Although we miss our college friends and the crazy college lifestyle, we do miss family.

Christmas is the best time for family time.  It’s a time to fight with your siblings over what movie to watch, to decorate the tree and see Dad to get flustered over the knotted Christmas lights and most of all, eating so much turkey on Christmas day til you’re about to explode.

Christmas is a time to spend with your loved ones so make the most of it with your time off.

How do you like to keep busy over Christmas? Give your boredom-busting suggestions in the comments below.