Emmet Rushe debunks those quick-fix recipes that promise to burn fat fast.

On Friday, Ireland AM’s facebook page shared a story from Xposé.ie with the tag line;

“Struggling to lose weight? This special drink will have you burning fat in no time!”

The article led with a story on bananas and how adding them to your smoothies will lead to results in a week!

The small print was that it had to be done as part of a calorie controlled diet.  (No shit Sherlock)

Coming from 2 major news outlets it is very disappointing to say the least.

For one reason, no one food will help you to burn off any fat if you are not in a calorie deficit
For another reason, you cannot burn fat from one area of the body, it is impossible.

The drink, however would be a great addition to your diet if you were trying to gain weight, as this single fat burning drink came in at 769 Calories. 

Yet from the ingredient list, and the article, it would have people believing that if they start drinking this, they would be seeing a drop in belly fat after one week.

As you can see from the image below, the ingredients all look ‘healthy’ enough, but when you add them all together, it adds up to a considerable amount of calories.

If you were to drink this and then have 2 good meals and maybe a snack, you could end up gaining weight.

  • People still think that shakes, salads and sit ups are the best way to burn belly fat.
  • That there are certain foods that will help you to burn fat faster.
  • That there are exercises you can do to specifically burn fat from only your belly

Unfortunately, while this would be great, it isn’t true.

In order to burn fat you must be in calorie deficit first and foremost.

Your meals should be based around wholefoods and you should be having protein with every meal.

Resistance training is best for improving body composition so try and incorporate this into your routine 2-3 times per week.

Train your full body each session as this will give you the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Cardio can be done to your preference.

It can be either HIIT or slow and steady.
Which ever you like best and fits your routine is the best type for you.

If you hold the majority of your fat around your waist, it will be the slowest to come down.
Do not get disheartened by this.

While you can’t burn fat from one area, training that area will improve blood flow to it and help with a bit if fat dispersal.

It didn’t get there overnight, so it won’t disappear overnight.

Have patience and stay the course, you’ll get there.