Kellys Toyota present an insider guide : what to look out for when purchasing a car.

Gone are the days when only men purchased/knew anything about cars and now we see a large proportion of the customers to our showroom are women who are taking test drives, buying their own car, having it serviced etc.

The decision to invest in a new car for the first time is a major decision, involves a significant amount of money and you need to get it right.

New or used, 2007 or 2017, €5k or €50k to spend, here are a few tips that hopefully you can bring to mind when you are ready to make that decision.

Positive Experience

It could be the first major purchase decision you will make, don’t be intimidated or influenced by the reputation that seems to be out there about garages, we are here to help you, there is no such thing as a silly question, new customers are our future so we want to see you coming in the door.


Know how much you have to spend or use as a deposit and if you require additional finance how
much you can afford monthly.

Bear in mind that you will also have to pay for fuel, motor tax, insurance and servicing.

There are various forms of finance available from credit union loan, HP finance, PCP finance, sales staff are well versed on all options and can help you decide what suits your needs best.

The Mechanics of it all

Service history, NCT passed, warranty given, mileage, bodywork, number of owners, spare
keys – most important questions you can ask, the last thing you want after buying your new
car is to have a problem and nowhere to go.


Make sure you have a car history check completed online, this will give you vital information as to whether the mileage has been tampered with, there is outstanding finance on the car or if it has been written off for insurance purposes.

The Future

Consider your needs, is it big enough, room for the dog or the kids, the bicycle or the surfboard !!

Bear in mind you will also need to sell it someday, is it likely to have a good trade in value.


Don’t make a rushed decision, take your time, consider your options, take some advice from a trusted family member or friend.

All your feedback is welcome and can be left via our website, Facebook or Twitter accounts or indeed pop in and we can help you with anything you might need.