Kilcar youtuber Katie Carr decided to put an online list to the test – to see if certain words sound better in the Donegal accent.

A list compiled by the Daily Edge alleges that these ten words sound better when the speaker has a Donegal lilt;

  1. Card
  2. Brave
  3. Wild – or ‘wile’
  4. Naw
  5. Scrúd – this one is a shout-out to the Leinster/Munster Irish speaking folk who dreaded trying to decipher the Donegal Irish section of the Leaving Certificate Irish aural.
  6. Foundered
  7. Hi – the only way to punctuate a sentence.
  8. Lock
  9. Rare
  10. Cut

Check out Katie’s video below to see if they do in fact sound better in the Donegal accent – although let’s face it, everything sounds better in the Donegal accent.

Katie was inspired to begin making videos for YouTube when her friends got her a camera for her 21st birthday and encouraged her to start vlogging.

“I’ve always had an interest in taking pictures and the media. I just want to have something to look back on when I’m old too!

Katie was also inspired by her favourite YouTubers, including Irish blogger Melanie Murphy and the world-famous Zoella.

“One of my friends started her YouTube channel ‘The One Year Project’ and has been very successful and that gave me the confidence that if they can do then so could I!”

Katie is studying social work at Trinity College in Dublin at the minute, but hopes to do a masters in communications or social media after her degree.

Watch this space!


To keep up with Katie you can find her on the following platforms:
YouTube: Katie Carr
Instagram: katiecarr_
Snapchat: katiecarr42
Twitter: KatieCarr_