A Donegal teen has shot to international fame once more today after a video of her dancing with an internet celebrity went viral.

Megan Ruddy, aged 16, danced with Ruairi McSorley the famous Northern Irish ‘Frostbit boy’ yesterday and he shared the video on his Facebook page.

Within hours, the video had thousands of likes and views.

Speaking to Donegal Woman, Megan explained how this video came from a completely unexpected meeting.

Megan was travelling from her home in Falcarragh to Galway to do a Live Jive with her friend Claire Campbell on the TG4 programme Róisín.

Megan is no stranger to viral videos, as she had another jiving video that was widely shared online before.

“I had been in contact with Ruairi because he had congratulated me on the last video that went viral. He messaged me and said ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we got a jive?’.

Making the most of her journey to Galway, Megan contacted Ruairi to put that wish for a jive into reality.

Snapchat fun with Ruairi and Megan

Snapchat fun with Ruairi and Megan

“Ruairi was lovely, he was so friendly – like a person you’ve known your whole life,” Megan said.

He met her at her hotel and after a couple of practices, the video was made. Megan’s dad recorded the dance on his phone.

Ruairi decided to post it on Facebook, where he has 22,000 followers.

Me & Megan Ó Rodaigh giving er socks at the jiving last night, wouldn’t be Mr Frosty without some balls in the middle of it but sure came out looking the bit all the same,🙂 #Jiveaholics #HupTheJive – Ruairi commented.

“We’ll just throw it up on Facebook and see what it does,” Megan remembers Ruairi saying. She never expected it to be so widely shared overnight, and now her Facebook is flooded with notifications.

“I might have to shut my Facebook down!”, Megan said.

Megan is now a well-known dancer since her last video went viral. She teaches jiving classes to adults and kids, and has only been jiving for a year.

“It all started in Transition Year. We all started to learn for a fundraiser. I had always wanted to jive, so I got a Niall Doorhy dvd and taught myself.”

Megan and Ruairi make great dancing partners, and may be dancing again very soon.

“He might be coming up to Donegal so we might be jiving again. We didn’t expect any of this to happen!”