Musician Caroline Kay penned a touching song for an Irish blogger who documented her experience of losing a baby this week.

Rebecca Flynn, the woman behind Body Positive Ireland, discussed her miscarriage frankly and bravely this week on her Snapchat in an attempt to break down the stigma and silence surrounding miscarriage, and to identify with women who have also been through a loss. She also aimed to give women who have not suffered a miscarriage an understanding of what it is like.

Inspired by Rebecca’s bravery, Caroline penned the powerful song, ‘A Quiet Love’.

With over 24,000 views since it was uploaded yesterday, the lyrics and gentle melody have touched women across the globe who can identify with the hardship of losing a baby.

Caroline says; “I’ve been following Body Positive Ireland’s Snapchat story and have been incredibly moved by Rebecca’s bravery, courage and honesty in sharing her experience of miscarriage. I wrote this song for her on my flight home to Dublin the other day and sent it to her. It is not my attempt at understanding or explaining what she is going through, but when something moves me, I write.

“Rebecca has asked me to share it in the hopes that other women might appreciate it too – once again thinking of helping others even when she herself is feeling low and grieving.

“Rebecca, you’re an inspiration.”