This is just what you need on New Year's Day - a fresh start and the promise of fresh new music from one of our favourite stars.

Ed Sheeran is back! He posted a teasing video to Twitter today to simply say – New Music Coming Friday!!

Sheeran had been absent from the public eye for all of 2016 after he announced a hiatus and total break from social media back in 2015.

He promised us new music, and we’re getting it very soon it seems!

Sheeran will be breaking back into the pop world this year and we can be sure he’s got something good up his sleeve. His two albums + and X have sold millions worldwide and he won two Grammy Awards last year.

Sheeran will also be getting back on stage this 2017. He will be headlining Glastonbury and is expected to do a tour for the release of his new album. Here’s hoping he’ll come back to Ireland and do another amazing show like the Croke Park spectacular of Summer 2015.