Bringing out your inner 'golden goddess' is easy now there are so many good false tans out, here are Kerry Harvey's personal favourites:

We’re all in the summer swing after those few stunning warm days of weather and although it’s broken, don’t let it break your tanning spirit!

We love a good suntan in Ireland, and summoning your inner ‘golden goddess’ is easy with all the fantastic products on the market at the moment!

There’s a product for all styles and tastes when it comes to your personalised level of glow!

Bring your inner goddess out instantly, build her in a matter of days or even hours – the preference is yours!

Check out my personally tried and tested, BEST false tanning lotions and potions for that everyday glow, to the instant or indeed continental look in minutes!

♥ Best Build Up Tan: Dove Derma Spa Summer Revive €4.99

This is a fabulous tan, perfect for the girl or guy that loves the control of adding a little glow on a more natural scale. I use this instead of my normal body moisturiser every second day and within hours I have a natural healthy glow.

It develops subtly without that horrible tan smell and leaves your skin super soft and supple at the same time!

Got a wedding coming up?  If I’m feeling organised then this will easily build up and create a more intense tan for a special occasion – I simply apply it every night over the space of a week!

Remember to lightly exfoliate and pop on a little of your normal moisturiser to ensure this wears off evenly!

♥ Best Tan for Perfect Pins: This Works Perfect Legs Gradual Tan €49.99 Eske Pharmacy

Have you ever noticed your upper body tan seems to develop more evenly than on your lower body, especially the often drier, winter-worn skin on your legs? The legs simply never tan to the same extent as the rest of your body without lots of preparation!  Well, This Works have got you covered!

As always, they’ve created a beautifully scented product that helps even out the skin tone on your legs with its super hydrating formula.

This product is actually serum based but also infuses vitamin C & E which evens out skin tone! It also has a slight glow upon application with a beautiful shimmer, and can add a fabulous natural glisten to already naturally tanned legs on holiday for those evening strolls in the sunset! As it’s highly moisturising and builds a natural glow, it also wears off evenly!

Don’t forget to hydrate your knees, ankles and feet with regular moisturiser before application to avoid that tougher skin going darker! A wonderful product that’s particularly great for creating perfect evenly bronzed pins!

♥ Best Golden Goddess in a Spray! BPerfect Cosmetics 10 Second Tan €29.99 Mc Cabes Pharmacy

There’s a multitude of spray and foam based products on the market, but for me, I was taken by this product in particular, as it truly is what it claims to be!

I sprayed the product onto a mitt, its light colour guided me so as not to leave any white areas or streaks, BUT the selling point was the fact it really did not have that ‘ekky’ tan smell – you know that odd smell that arises after a while of wearing a false tan?  Nor did it leave that tacky residue or give me that claustrophobic feeling that other similar tans can give – you know, the tacky, sticky, sweaty feeling that makes your skin feel almost trapped!

It sank in asap, and reminded me of a beach holiday due to the scent of coconut, yum, plus I didn’t even have to wait too long to pop my clothes on.

I even dared to wear a white vest top – One, to see how the tan would develop against the white and two if it would rub off like some other similar products do.

I have to say, within a few minutes there was a lovely glow that developed further as the day went on, and when I removed my white top later to shower any small bit of residue off, there really was minimal colour transfer!

Once I had showered, the tan was a little more relaxed but exactly what I wanted – natural! You could easily apply another layer if you prefer a rich deeper colour!

♥ Best Instant Tan: Vita Liberata Body Blur €29.99 Offer Eske Pharmacy

My relationship with instant tan goes back to the days when instant tan had no staying power – the sight of a rain drop and you’d run faster than Usain Bolt for fear of resembling a dalmatian!

Thankfully, like all tanning products, instant tan has come on in leaps and bounds and although I primarily used instant tan for those last minute nights out to take the ‘Daz white look’ off my feet, hands and neck, I was totally converted when I had the chance to sample Vita Liberata’s Body Blur.

I also choose to wear this on one of our sunny warm days with a white dress. It’s smudge and waterproof, so crossing your legs in heat can sometimes be a hot mess and reveal sweaty sticky white patches, but to my surprise, the product stayed put perfectly! Not only that, it has a fabulous blurring effect, making my skin look sheer and quiet flawless in fact!

For me, the big plus was that this product wasn’t sticky, it didn’t feel like a makeup that sat on top of my skin, nor did it transfer too much onto my white dress!

Needless to say, a fantastic product not only to add further colour, but also give the skin a fabulous luxurious glow and slimming effect with its sheer texture when blended in! Simply blend in circular motions with a mitt, wait a minute, pop on your clothes and off you go! Fabulous colour in minutes with the option of washing off thereafter!

If you have any beauty related questions, drop them my way via or PM your message to my Facebook page Kerry Harvey Designs! For daily updates on all things beauty, feel free to join me on Snapchat – search @kharveydesigns or scan the code! Enjoy the summer sun K x