Have you heard of Lusso Tan yet? It’s the tanning launch of the year that is creating excitement ahead of party season. Created by three Belfast sisters and spa owners – Lynsey, Leah and Sarah, it’s a tan that considers the skin beneath before the application.

Lusso is organic and vegan, and feels as luxurious as other high-end brands. It has a lovely warm colour and great application. A three step process is advised to make the most of its goodness, so I tried it out:

You start off with the primer, which you mist on lightly everywhere and pat into the skin. The primer is designed to balance skin’s pH levels and let the lotion glide on. I did notice it helps on tricky dry areas like the elbows.

Lusso Tan Lotion €22.27 and Primer €16.56

If you’ve ever noticed your skin looking dull after a night out drinking or bad diet, then this primer is supposed to rebalance your levels to help the tanning go smoothly.

Lusso Tan Lotion application

The Lusso Tan Lotion goes on next. It’s a very runny consistency so be careful! It comes out onto the mitt quickly, but the fact it’s liquid-like means it’s easy to rub in.

The instant impact is great when you’re in a rush and don’t have time to wait overnight and shower (even though we’re not supposed to, I know). I tried the light version, which suits because the instant colour doesn’t develop too dark. After a shower it’s much more natural, and this is the right method everyone should follow.

Lusso Tan Lotion: Before and After

Although the tan lotion says it’s suitable for the face I found it did gather in certain drier areas. The best way to bronze here would be to use plenty of the primer and apply the tiniest amount that’s left on your mitt.

The lotion dries quickly, doesn’t rub off on clothing (even your PJs) and smells like absolutely nothing. There are no added perfume scents or typical tan stink – happy days!

Does it last after a few showers? 

It fades in a good way – without gathering or patching. For the best colour, I found it had to be reapplied after a full shower.

Finishing Touch Shimmer €22.84

There is a Finishing Touch Shimmer for nights out that adds a lovely healthy glow. Use it lightly as a highlighter on collarbones, shins etc. At over €22 it’s an added extra that is more of a personal treat than completely necessary.

Where to buy?

The sisters have over 40 stockists secured across Northern Ireland already (our nearest stockists would be Derry and Strabane). Launch events are popping up fast in pharmacies and health stores so we can hope to see it coming to Donegal soon. In the meantime, you can get Lusso online at www.lussotan.com