Marybeth Herron from Ardara will play the role of Olivia Whelan in a new zombie feature film which will be released at Halloween.

Two Donegal actors are to star in an Irish zombie comedy flick called ‘Follow the Dead’.

The film is about an apocalypse that takes place in Dublin city. Due to a media blackout, people outside of Dublin are confused over what happened in the capital.

Directed by Adam William Cahill, the film is set to release as Ireland’s first zombie feature this Halloween in two private screenings in Offaly and Dublin.

Two of the main cast are from Donegal; Aidan O’Sullivan from Letterkenny and Marybeth Herron from Ardara.

Aiden will play Garda Horan, with Marybeth playing Olivia Whelan.

Aidan O’Sullivan and Marybeth Herron

Speaking to Donegal Woman, Marybeth described her character. “I’m playing Liv, sister of the protagonist Robbie Whelan, who lives with him and their two cousins, Richie “the CHI” and Jay.

“She has big aspirations to be bigger than the small town in Offaly they live in and is obsessed with social media. Like me, she plays guitar on periscope, but when she cops that the strange events unfolding around her could be her ticket to fame, she uses that in her live broadcasts.

“The film takes a sharp turn when the group of millenials are forced to realise they can no longer sit back and do nothing, and Liv’s narcissistic ego shatters as a result.”

Marybeth explained that she had previous worked with the director on a previous project, and was delighted to take the role of Olivia.

“I got involved with the project after Adam [director] contacted me and asked if I wanted to play Liv. I worked with him on a project before, a short film called Inertia where I played the French girl, Christine. A couple more actors from Inertia appear in Follow the Dead, including Offaly actor Tadhg Devery who plays ‘the CHI’.

“We all became very close on the set of Inertia, Tadhg’s home in Offaly is our main set, and Liv’s character was supposedly written for me, so it was a no brainer for me to jump on a plane back to Ireland to accept the role” she added.

In an interview with Midlands 103, the director outlines that the film is a social commentary on millennials, as the characters wait for things to be done for them, leading to things ‘getting messy’. The film is a love letter to traditional zombie films with a satirical twist.

To see behind-the-scenes footage from the film you can check out their Facebook and Twitter.