Derry artist Brian Quinn recreated the Irish map by putting his own unique stamp on each county.

Brian told BBC NI that it all started with DoneGil.

“I probably had one pun in my head – I think it might have been DoneGil first.

“I started scribbling more down and I think I had about seventeen and I thought ‘I might as well do all 32 now’,” he said.

Some of the names include ‘Krusty the Down’, ‘Cleitrim’, ‘Laoisa’ and ‘Mayo Quimby’.

“My girlfriend was watching Grey’s Anatomy or something, so I just got out the laptop and started messing about.”

Brian, a moderator of the Ireland Simpsons Fans page on Facebook, shared all thirty-two puns to the page. To check them out, click here.

Donegal was paired with Gil Gunderson, an unlucky businessman who has worked as everything from a real estate agent to a car salesman.

Lending itself well to puns, Donegal also could have gotten ‘D’ohnegal’!