A group of schoolgirls from Raphoe have taken the unprecedented step of calling for the re-naming of the ‘Donegal Schoolboys League’.

Ella McCarron, Áine O’Flanagan and Hannah McCarron play for Raphoe Town’s Under-10s in the East Donegal Schoolboys League, but the trio have led calls for the league to be re-named ‘Donegal Schoolboys and Girls League’.

Raphoe Town FC have recently returned to the ranks of the Donegal Women’s League with teams in the under-12 and under-14 Leagues there.

Some of the Under-12s, including those who penned the letter, which was handed into the Raphoe Town club last week, also lined out for Raphoe Under-10s in the Schoolboys League.

League medals are engraved with the ‘Schoolboys’ name, but the St Eunan’s NS pupils are aiming to shake things up.

“We would like you to change the name of the League from Donegal School Boys to Donegal School Boys & Girls League please,” the letter reads.

“This will help encourage more girls to play. Help out, it’s because our coaches who are trying to get more girls and this isn’t fair for the girls’.

The letter is addressed to Raphoe Town FC and the Donegal Schoolboys League.