Photographer Noel Keating managed to get an incredible shot of the moon on Friday night, which shows an International Space Station speeding past the moon.

Noel captured the spectacular footage on Friday night at 8:55pm over Bundoran.

Noel says; “Finally after months of failed attempts due to cloud, I finally captured my first International Space Station transit of the moon.

“To actually be looking up and seeing this happen in front of me was just amazing and worth all the effort I have put in trying to capture it.

“I have been after this shot for months and always got clouded out apart from that one time when the sky was perfect and we all headed to a spot only to find the road was closed, and we couldn’t get to the place we had to be on time! We got to painfully watch it pass across the top of the moon, thankfully that was the past – success at last!

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