Nichola Cunningham probably wasn't expecting to be cursed at the moment she surprised her sister after coming home for Christmas, but it makes for a very entertaining video.

Ciara Cunningham, from Kilcar, was at work when her older sister Nichola made a surprise entrance. Ciara’s reaction was a mix of hilarious shock and happiness to see her sister again.

Speaking to Donegal Woman, Ciara said that she hadn’t been expecting Nichola home for Christmas this year. Nichola has been working in Australia for the past five years, and hadn’t been home for a Christmas in four years.

“I’m delighted to have her home,” Ciara said, adding that Nichola is planning to spend her Christmas break with family and friends. “Nichola can’t wait for a home cooked Christmas dinner at our mum and dads and having all the family together. Of course, she will be heading out a few nights with all our friends to catch up with everyone she hasn’t seen for a while.”

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