Beauty columnist Kerry Harvey picks out her top 3 teeth whitening buys with some added tips to a pain-free whiter smile.

So you have a big occasion coming up and you’re doing your best to shed a few pounds to fit into that dress!

You’re exfoliating and maintaining your skin for a perfect tan base, whilst drinking 8 glasses of water, upping your fruit and veg and generally keeping a great diet! WOW – exhausting!!!!

It’s pretty hard keeping on top of everything when you’re summoning your inner Greek goddess, and these days especially, us girls are have nothing but airbrushed models with flawless tans, skin and let’s not forget those ‘pearly whites’ to live up to!

But remember, it’s all a mirage ladies and for anyone who does love their beauty buys, thank goodness we have the odd ‘go to’ treatment to help us out!

So today, let’s talk teeth whitening and how to achieve a beautiful smile without breaking the bank!

There’s are so many options in teeth whitening these days which cover all budgets – here are my top 3 teeth whitening buys with some added tips to a pain-free whiter smile!

Polanight Teeth Whitening System

Approximately €290+ | Selected Dentists Nationwide

If you’re someone who suffers from yellowing of your teeth and sensitivity, then I strongly suggest going to the professionals and having a dentist choose what whitening system will benefit your teeth best. Polanight is a whitening solution that comes in syringes. Your dentist will also take a mould of your teeth and you’ll then receive a cast/mouth guard that you simply decant the solution within the syringes, into and wear at night.

There are 3 levels of whitening solution depending on your sensitivity and whitening requirements, which you use over 14 nights!

The first time I invested in teeth whitening, I went with this system and started on the lowest solution as I’m highly sensitive. It brought my teeth back to life from an off white slightly stained gob, (as I love my coffee) to a beautiful natural white.

Crest 3D Whitestrips Luxe Supreme Flexfit Teeth Whitening

€68.99 | An at Home Kit | 21 Applications |

I love these strips – gone are the days where you had to get a friend or family member to get these when visiting the states. Now, you can simply order them online! If you’re already an avid teeth whitening fan, you’ll know these have been about for some time and have a good reputation! I keep a box of these on hand as I’m one of those ‘’ girls that only thinks of my nips and tucks, the night before I have a wedding or big event to go to!

They’re fast and easy to use. I simply pop on a set of the gel strips which adhere effectively to your upper and lower teeth. They’re clear, so no one will notice them when on, too much, plus you can talk without the hassle of a big chunky mouth guard to contend with!

Leave them for an hour (or the duration which the particular strip suggests as there are various types) You can even drink water whilst wearing these and it won’t affect the whitening process.  Then remove and brush your teeth to reveal a whiter gleaming smile!

In my experience, after a few consecutive evenings use, your smile will be a white as the professional €€€ tooth whitening kits and easier on the pocket!

Spotlight Teeth White Strips

€39.95 | An at Home Kit | 14 Applications | Irish Brand & Winner of the 2017 IMAGE Beauty Awards |

This fabulous Irish brand was created by Irish dentist sisters, Drs Lisa and Vanessa Creaven and recently won an award with IMAGE Beauty Awards 2017. I’d heard nothing but rave reviews on how effectively but safe these strips whiten your teeth as unlike other whitening kits, this one uses hydrogen peroxide which is a magical non-invasive way to whiten with minimal sensitivity!

A great Irish product that easily beats boots with any of the more expensive treatments!  All you need is an hour of your day to carry out this easy to do at home treatment! Simply pop the strips on top and bottom, leave for an hour, remove and brush your teeth! Voila – a whiter smile!

My top tip when whitening your teeth!

If you suffer from sensitivity and aches in your teeth on a normal basis, eg with hot or cold drinks, then firstly consult with your dentist and seek professional advice on whether teeth whitening is suitable for you!

If so, a trick to minimising those achy enflamed nashers, is to brush your teeth with Sensodyne toothpaste. Prior to beginning treatment, use this as you would your normal toothpaste, for 3 weeks in preparation – I now use Sensodyne as my normal everyday toothpaste as it not only keeps my teeth clean and fresh but if I do choose to, on a random ‘’ evening, pop a strip on my teeth, I have no sensitivity whatsoever, making it a pain-free experience!

Always follow your dentist or the brand’s advice, as over treating teeth is not good!

Many tooth whitening systems dehydrate the teeth which in turn, pulls not only the stains but also the moisture from your beautiful teeth. Using them as advised, and on the odd occasion thereafter to top up the gleaming effect is ok, but overuse will lead to sensitivity and perhaps weakening of the teeth so be wise!

My top trick for whiter teeth!

To achieve whiter nashers without any of the above treatments, simply maintain a good cleaning routine, twice a day and even after meals (why not take your toothbrush to work?) Stay away from highly pigmented foods that stain such as coffee/red wines/beetroot.

By simply adding a little bronze or tan to your body and face, and wearing a more pink/blue undertoned lip colour eg a pink undertone shade of red (rather than an orange tone as this highlights any yellowing) will immediately have your teeth looking whiter and more enhanced without the addition of chemicals or solutions

Drop your questions to and check out more beauty features on – Happy whitening folks K x