Beauty columnist Kerry Harvey shares a recipe and tutorial for a DIY Coconut and Olive Oil hydrating hair mask for tired hair.

We’re almost at the end of January (YAY), so continuing with my re-hydration/detox tips and tricks for a ‘new you’ this month, I’m going to share with you one of my favourite, DIY easy to make hair masks – Coconut and Olive Oil Hydrating Hair Mask.

This mask is not only simple to make but super hydrating and even softens frizzy static hair. I can vouch for this as I tend to get that ‘Monica hair’ – throwback to that infamous Friends episode! This happens in humidity, or more often with our Irish weather, on damp, wet days.  My hair will go from styled to a ball of frizz with the smell of damp!

Making your DIY Coconut and Olive Oil Hydrating Hair Mask:

Simply use equal parts coconut and olive oil.

  • Pop into a little pan and heat until both oils mix.
  • Let them cool.
  • Pop them into an empty shampoo bottle and leave in your shower.

Tip: Add some orange zest/vanilla to add a subtle clean citrus fragrance!

Extra Tip: You can buy empty spritzing travel sized bottles in Penneys and Dunnes Stores – fabulous for storing your oil and easy to spray on, so no wastage of your oil!

Coconut oil alone is fantastic for many hydrating beauty treatments such as:

  • Soothing and softening dry hands and cuticles
  • Body moisturiser (fantastic on dry skin)| body scrub when mixed with brown sugar
  • Shaving your legs with ease
  • Makeup remover | removing stubborn mascara or eye makeup
  • Deep hair conditioner and much more…

When mixed with olive oil, coconut oil will stay liquid meaning you won’t have to heat it before every application.  Olive oil also has the same super hydrating properties as coconut oil, so this is a super duper natural and inexpensive DIY treatment you can pop on at home, anytime you like!

This mask is suitable for all hair types that need a boost of hydration bar fine greasy hair types. Both ingredients are comprised of a fine molecular structure meaning they penetrate the hair shaft easily and deeply, resulting in super shiny, soft and hydrated hair ready for styling.

The best way to use this treatment is to:

  • Pop a towel around your shoulders (save your clothing)
  • Spritz onto dry hair in your bathroom (away from good furniture!)
  • Brush thoroughly through your hair to ensure all the hair is evenly covered.
  • Pop on an old shower cap to accelerate the process. The heat from your head within the cap will open and encourage the oil to penetrate the hair follicle further than that of masking in open air. (You could even use your hair dryer over your head on a low heat for 10 minutes if you haven’t got much time to leave the mask on.)
  • Pop a towel over your pillow and sleep on it!
  • Double or triple wash with your normal shampoo to remove.

Your hair will look fantastic after the first wash. I’d recommend doing this treatment a few days before a big occasion as I find the second or third wash of the week really showcase how well this treatment works and your hair will not only look super healthy and shiny but will style like a dream!

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