Bridal columnist Carina Monteith shares a to-do list for mums to be the best support for their daughters on their wedding day.

Yay! Your little girl is getting married! Every mum has dreamt of (and dreaded) the day her daughter gets married. Traditionally the role of mother of the bride was a very busy one with most of the wedding plans being the mum’s responsibility. Today, while most of the wedding planning is dealt with by the bride the role of the mother of the bride is still a very important one.



Get your notebook ready, here’s your little To Do List!

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    Share the News! Spread the word far and wide to let everyone know that the date is set but be careful not to get carried away and tell people they will get an invite before you’ve discussed the guest list with the bride and groom

  • Host the Fiancées Family – These days most couples have been together and more than likely living together before they get married and chances are both sets of parents have already met. However, it’s a nice idea for everyone to get to know each other better – after all two families are becoming one!
  • Shopping Support – The bit every mum looks forward to! Bridal dress shopping should be a fun bonding experience for you both. Just remember that you are shopping for the dress of your daughters’ dreams, not yours. Be honest and supportive but once she says ’This is the one’ just smile and nod!
  • Guest Relations – Depending on whether or not you are contributing to the cost of the wedding may determine how much influence you have over the guest list (if any). Take the stress from the bride and make sure everyone comes to you with any questions or queries.
  • Head Girl – People often mistake the bride as the head of the bridal party but in fact it should be the mother of the bride. Take control and keep those bridesmaids in order so that they know they’ve to come to you with any issues and bring nothing to the bride only love and support!

Above all, enjoy it. Don’t stress about making sure you speak to every single guest at the wedding, mingle and chat and it will fall into place naturally. Make sure you get a quiet 5 minutes alone with your daughter before you leave for the ceremony as you may not get the chance later in the day to say how proud you are of your little girl on her wedding day.


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