Bridal expert Carina introduces her guide to avoid getting lost in the pre-wedding drama.

Team Bride

Your Wedding Day is the best day of your life. Years of thought, dreaming and planning goes into creating the ‘Perfect Day’.

The majority of brides (and grooms!) have their ‘Fantasy Wedding’ stored in a tiny little heart shaped brain cell that is only unleashed when ‘thee’ ring is placed on the third digit of the left hand.

Weddings can also be a minefield and often bring out the very worst in our nearest and dearest. What seems like a reasonable request for Aunt Mable to perhaps leave the cats at home for your big day suddenly turns into the Wedding War of the century with cousins you’ve never even heard of having an opinion on EVERYTHING!

This is why you need your gang, your squad, your besties, your ‘TEAM’.

You need to surround yourself with like-minded, calm, centred individuals who you trust to tell you when you are in danger of putting the Z in Bridezilla.

Introducing Team Bride, your virtual bridesmaid! Think of Team Bride as your personal wedding compass to guide you through the ups and downs of the planning process.


Every bride needs a little guidance

Having been married for almost nine years (to a very patient man!) and being bridesmaid four times I’m familiar with all the drama a wedding can bring.

Also, the fact that I’ve worked as the buyer for a leading bridal department for the past seven years may give me just a little insider knowledge.

Having helped hundreds (possibly thousands!) of brides over the years there isn’t anything wedding related I haven’t seen. Here I will share all the tips and advice that I’ve learned along the way.  

Each week I’ll talk to you about a different aspect of wedding planning covering all the main topics, talking about upcoming trends, featuring local wedding suppliers and showcasing real life weddings.

I’ll share the knowledge of our Team Bride experts covering everything from the right makeup to all the legal stuff.

If you have a query, dilemma, question or topic you would like me to cover then get in touch through the Facebook page or email

All the Wedding Best

Carina x