Ardara in Donegal has been listed as number 10 on Buzzfeed's top picks of truly enchanting European towns.


The popularity of the new Beauty and the Beast movie has increased travellers’ interest in seeking out storybook settings to visit – and one Donegal town has earned a place among the Top 10 in the continent.

Ardara in south west Donegal was listed in influential news site Buzzfeed’s list of ’11 Tiny Towns In Europe That Are Truly Enchanting’.

Some of the most beautiful fairytale-like towns lie all across Europe – with quaint rustic buildings and peaceful surroundings, and now we can count a nearby village as one such place.

Ardara is the only Irish location to feature on the list, where it is suggested that visitors could live ‘happily ever after’ in any of the towns chosen.

Ardara is a small heritage town that boasts a stunning natural landscape,” the article says. It also suggests the hidden gem of Easaranca waterfall as a place to explore along the Wild Atlantic Way.

Ardara stands out as a place to find enchantment, culture and adventure on this list that includes Medieval retreats in Germany and France and sun-soaked idyllic settings in countries like Spain and Turkey.

The area around the tranquil town of Ardara is already enjoying a heightened interest after the beach of Narin earned a Top 10 place on TripAdvisor’s list of the Best Beaches in Ireland. The beach was placed at number nine following a voting process of millions of world travellers. Click here to see exactly why Narin is counted as one of Ireland’s best.