We'll be spritzing Body Fantasies to freshen things up this Spring.

Body Fantasies €9.95

It’s almost beginning to look like spring outdoors (just for few moments a day, mind you) but we’ve already gotten into the mood of changing things up.

If you’re looking to lighten up the sultry scents of Christmas time then there’s a new alternative in Irish pharmacies.

Victoria’s Secret sprays are the go-to body sprays of so many of us, but a good variety of the fragrances are hard to come by in Donegal. Until the Dublin flagship store opens up then our only option is to visit the Dublin Airport VS store and cart our hauls around in our hand luggage.

Enter Body Fantasies – a fresh, sweet and much better-priced option. We sampled three bestsellers and found them to be on a par with Victoria’s Secret body mists.

The Japanese Cherry Blossom, Twilight Mist and Pink Vanilla Kiss are all very sweet but deliciously fresh. Young girls will be a big fan of the fruity and floral notes, while they are not seductive or sultry as some VS sprays are.


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Victoria’s Secret body mists retail at more than €10 each. The bottles may be much larger but Body Fantasies are perfectly sized for travel and popping into your gym bag. A set of three is €9.95, which makes for a lovely small gift.

So even if springtime weather hasn’t yet come our way, we can at least spritz and pretend until summer.