Beauty columnist Kerry Harvey gives tips on accentuating certain areas of the face with a natural highlight.

I have looked at contouring with powder and how it can subtly sculpt certain areas of the face. This week I’m focusing on highlighting with powder to create a natural dewy look and accentuate certain areas of the face for a fresh healthy day look!

What you need:

♥ An angled blusher brush or fan brush if you have one!

♥ Highlighter – today I’m using the shimmer side of the Catrice Prime and Fine Contouring palette €4.95

Generally speaking, there are only a few areas on the face that we want to highlight.

♥ A little under the arch of the outer brow line which follows into the high cheek bone area.

♥ Above your cheeks to give the illusion of a sculpted full cheek bone.

♥ Along the bridge of the nose to give the illusion of a straight refined nose.

♥ The tip of the nose.

♥ The cupids bow to give the illusion of a fuller pout!

♥ How to Highlight – Naturally! ♥

♥ Brow to Cheek – Keep the ‘C’ shape motion in mind whilst highlighting this area.

♥ Lightly using the side of your angled brush, or fan brush, pick up a little product. In that ‘C’ motion, sweep your brush from brow bone, over the cheekbone area, and lift off at the apple of your cheek (the plump part of your cheek – you can find this when you smile)

♥ Add a touch to the bridge and tip of your nose to give the illusion of a longer/straight nose.

♥ Simply buff onto your cupid’s bow (the ‘V’ at the centre of your top lip) and centre of your bottom lip, to give the illusion of a fuller pout!

♥ Less is more with highlight, but remember you can build up your powder/highlight to match your preferred look.

And voila…you’ve created a fresh, dewy skin with your highlight in an instant!

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