Beauty columnist Kerry Harvey shares steps to natural contouring using a simple powder technique.

Contouring! The word alone scares some and no wonder! YouTube videos or indeed, Instagram makeup artists teach us how to use heavy cream contouring as it’s is all the rage – mixing the darkest of dark shades against whiter than white to meet in the middle with a reflection that’s no longer your own…but this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

If you’d like to naturally enhance your features, add shape to your cheeks and create a more sculpted jawline, then follow my simple steps to contouring using a simple powder technique!

What you need:

♥ A smaller brush such as a blush brush with an angle is perfect!

♥ A Contour Palette – I’m using this fabulous little find by Catrice Cosmetics! It’s a combination of contour powder for shading and a beautiful light golden highlighter (which we’ll cover in the next post) to inexpensively add definition to those area’s you’d like to reshape or shade in, and contrasting highlight to add freshness to other parts of the face!

♥ How to Contour – Naturally! ♥

Notes to remember!

  • Using your brush on its side, lightly touch your palette to work a little powder onto the brush. A little goes a long way!
  • Do not tap the brush bluntly directly into the palette otherwise you’ll collect too much product and your application will look patchy and muddy!
  • Keep my diagram above in mind for the direction of how to sweep your brush. Imagine using a sweeping ‘C’ shape motion.
  • Tap off any excess powder every time you ‘powder up’ or dip into the product!

1.Beginning at the centre of your forehead, in a curved ‘C’ shape, follow your hairline in a light but brisk sweeping motion.

2. To add more cheek definition, simply add a soft shadow beneath the cheek area! This is a fabulous little trick for fuller rounder face shapes.

3. Simply pop your brush at the top of your ear, pointing toward the tip of your mouth and then lightly follow this line to create the perfect under cheek

4-5 Sculpt your jawline by lightly adding and blending your powder directly along the bone area where you face meets the fall of your neck. Now repeat on the opposite side of your face and remember to blend. Blending is the key to a natural but beautifully sculpted makeup.  If you prefer a more sculpted look for night-time makeup, simply build upon this until you’ve created the look you desire!

6. Finally, if you have a long or wide-set set nose, you can also add shade to create the illusion of a more sculpted, narrower nose.

7. Taking my brush, I’ve flattened it with my fingers to create a longer soft bristled brush. Adding your powder softly, shade either side of your nose and blend slightly towards your cheeks to the shape you desire.

8. To minimise length, simply run your powdered brush, under the tip of the nose.

Top tip!!!

Do not use a bronzer when contouring! Bronzers add a sun-kissed look hence they have a red terracotta under tone and some even have gold shimmer through for highlight! A definite NO-NO!  An undertone of grey/taupe brown in a matte product is a must for a beautiful sculpted contour!

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