Dublin comedian Emma Doran has summed up so many adverts for women in one go - proving how nonsensical they are in comparison to real life.

Calorie counting, laughing for no reason and stroking our freshly-shaved legs is sometimes all we seem to do in the world of advertising.

When you bring the busy woman, the fun loving party animal and the girly girls all together into one sketch it’s easy to see how females are stereotyped to market certain things.

Emma does this all in good fun. Many women will recognise scenes of girls wearing unrealistic white jeans or the pouring of suspect blue liquid on pads – all poking fun at the “feminine monthly care” industry.

“Sure ain’t Ads for us little ladies gas,” Emma says. However, this an eye-opening piece which might make you take note of the different ad campaigns you see on TV this week.

If you’re looking for more laughs this Friday, you’ll enjoy Emma’s fantastic take on deli counter employees and their interpretation of butter portions!

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