Thoroughly Modern Mammy Maria Rushe has seven Mammy mantras to follow in the New Year - only if you want to!

New Year, New You?


You’re already FABLIS just as you are.

We don’t NEED to change things, or buy products or fads, or start things just because it’s the New Year. We don’t NEED to change ANYTHING about ourselves, or our families, or our kids, or our relationships, simply because of the date.

We should only ever change ANYTHING about ourselves if WE want to, or if WE feel we should.

So screw the Facebook memes and sales pitches from people who are targeting our insecurities.

If you are going to make some New Year’s resolutions, make them for YOU, because YOU want to, not because someone tells you you should be like them.

If you want to resolve in 2017, try these Mammy mantras:

1. Be kind. Simple as that.
2. Take time for you. It’s vital to have a little “Mam-me time”. Take it where you get it! (Is there anything more exciting than getting to the supermarket without kids? Grab a coffee and walk every inch of that store Ladybelle!)
3. Say “Hello”. If you see another S-Mum struggling, (whether it’s with her life in general, or with three kids and a shopping trolley), stop and offer help. “Hello” can speak volumes. You might be the only adult she speaks to today.
4. Spread the smiles. Let that Mammy whose threenager is screaming the coffeeshop down that you feel her pain. Smile.
5. Take the cuddles. When your rascal decides she needs a cuddle, even while you’re peeling onions or cleaning the toilet, stop and take it.
6. Feed them Pizza! Sometimes, it’s okay to Let them eat the rubbish! The odd day won’t kill anyone. If you try to be Martha Stewart EVERY DAY, you will grow to hate your daily menu more than your minions will.
7. Learn to say NO. If that birthday party is putting you under pressure, or someone asks you to do something that is going to bring stress to your home, say no. No excuses. No explanations. Just no.
8. Go out to play. Put on your wellies and coat and go splash in muddy puddles. There is nothing that says “quality time” better than the great outdoors. And no, you don’t have to climb a mountain with your 3 kids on your back. Go play in the garden. Same thing!
9. Don’t judge other Mammies. No one likes a Sanctimammy.
10. Ask for help. Family, friends, Online forums. There is no such thing as a stupid question.
11. Lose the Mammy guilt. Kick that bitch out the door. If you feel guilty about a decision you’re making or something you’re doing as a Mammy, you’re already winning. Mammy guilt is simply Mammy worry in disguise. Don’t let her take control.

You’re already doing a great job. You don’t need the New Year to tell you that. If you want to make changes, make them. If you don’t, don’t.

I hope that 2017 brings you everything you dream of: love, slabbers and snuggles all the way.

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